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Communities aren't built on just pushing information - they're built on networks and the free flow of ideas. Our Slack community hosts real conversations around all kinds of topics across the aviation and travel industries. Whether it's an executive learning about new technologies being developed in a garage, a startup founder trying to figure out a solution to their latest hurdle, or a student looking for advice on how to get more involved - these are the conversations that happen after the conference is over and the happy hour starts.

If you're on Slack, join our community and jump into the conversations. If you're not, download the app or join us on the web. Either way, request an invite by giving us just a little information below and get involved in the conversations.

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So, what is Slack?

Slack is a new platform that allows teams and communities to communicate in a private environment separate from all the hustle and bustle of work and life. Conversations are organized into "Channels" and conversations can happen any where through your browser, phone, or using their desktop apps.  

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