Schedule Update

If you're here to check out the interview with Van Espahbodi from Starburst Accelerator, Welcome!
Unfortunately, due to some scheduling conflicts, the interview has been reschedule to

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 12th) at 4 PM CST. 
We know how busy schedules can be and we are sorry for not being able to come through today.
If you let us make it up to you, we promise we'll give you a great interview tomorrow with Van and next time we're at happy hour, the first round is on us. If you need some time to forgive, we understand but don't blame us for standing on your yard with a boombox over our head (now, we just need to remember were we left that boombox 15 years ago).  

If you'd like to get a reminder about the interview right before we go live, drop your email below and we'll shoot you an email.

Join the Conversation Live!

True to our nature, we are pushing our interviews further. Unlike traditional interviews that are only a dialogue between the interviewer and guests, our live interviews give our you, the viewer, the opportunity to get involved.  By watching the interviews live, you are given the opportunity to contribute to the conversation via a web chat or by jumping in the conversation and asking your own questions. 

Like everything we do, this is an experiment so we would appreciate any and all feedback. If you're interested in getting some more information or giving us your thoughts, leave us your email and we'll be sure to let you know when we schedule our next interview.


Can't Listen Live?
No problem!
You can listen to all our past interviews on our Podcast page.