The mission of the Runway.VC has always been to talk about ideas that are changing the future of aviation with the people who shaping them. In fact, our motivation to start the podcast was to have conversations similar to those at conferences but free for everyone to listen. However, we know our outlook on the industry and deciding which topics and guest to feature is only defined by our limited viewpoints. 

As we continue to grow the podcast and expand on our topics and guests, we want to hear for you. So if there has ever been a topic you want to learn more about or know of someone pushing the boundaries on aviation, let us know. Whether you just have a few questions about a topic or you building a the company to solve the next big problem, we'll try to get it on an upcoming episode. 

Whether you know them or not (or maybe its even you know) - if you'd like to see us try to get someone on the show, let us know. If you've suggested a topic, please try to include some context as to how they are connected to the topic. (You'll get extra credit if you include email addresses.)
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Your Name
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If you are interested in participating in the conversation on an episode, make sure to fill out your name and email address so we can follow up.
Whether its your company or this is a topic you've passionately followed for a while, give us a little insight as to how you relate to the topic.