Episode 7: Lyft's Aviation Journey & Future of Ridesharing at Airports

Baraki Brock

Baraki Brock is a Senior Director of Business Operations and Airports Policy Manager at Lyft.

On this episode, we talk with Baraki about the history Lyft has had working with airports, its rocky start, and how he and the rest of his team is working to not only improve their relationships, but also help airports position themselves for the future. Baraki goes into detail about the process Lyft goes through before they offer service to an airport, as well as some of the roadblocks they face and simple solutions to over come them.

Finally, we talk about the future of ride sharing and what impact driverless cars might have on airports.

For more information about Lyft’s airport operations and the other links we bring up during our conversation, check out the links below:

Airport Ride - Lyft: take.lyft.com/airports/
Lyft Vision for Driverless Cars: goo.gl/CnzpBK
Left + Jet Blue Partnership: blog.lyft.com/posts/lyft-and-jetblue
Baraki on Twitter: twitter.com/Bakari

As always, we want to thank Bruno Misonne for our intro music. To listen to more of Bruno Misonne, check out his website for the full album: www.brunomisonne.com/