RNWY.VC 12: Designing Airport Past the ADA

Scott Gorenc, Senior Associate & Architect at Corgan

Scott Gorenc, Senior Associate & Architect at Corgan

Peter Slatin, Founder of the Slatin Group

This is bit little different type of episode. Rather than the typical interview we’ve done with industry leaders and innovators, I invited Peter Slatin, founder of the Slatin Group, and Scott Gorence, an airport architect at Corgan, to discuss airport design specifically related to passengers with physical disabilities. 

During out conversation we talk about how the industry is involving to help those with physical disabilities, as well what airports could be doing better. We go further than just making sure people who may be deaf or blind can navigate an airport and talk about what the aging population will mean for airport design. We also address how people that may not need any assistance today, will need to be accommodated for when it’s not as easy for them to take all the steps needed to get around a large airport. 

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