Episode 4: Investing in the Future of Aviation


Van Espahbodi is a partner and co-founder of Starburst Accelerator, a business development, a startup incubator dedicated to technology in aerospace where leaders gather to decide the future of aviation.

In this episode, we talk with Van about what it takes to invest in an aviation startup and what startups are shaking things up. We go past talking about the next "Uber of ..." and into what it means to push the barriers in aviation, despite heavy regulations. Van also gives out his advice on how to shake up the industry. As well as, speaks to students and young professionals about potential ways to get involved and make the most impact.

For more information about Van and Starburst Accelerator, check out the links below:
Twitter - Van Espahbodi: twitter.com/vdadmahi
Twitter - Starburst Accelerator: twitter.com/starburstinnov
Website - Starburst Accelerator: starburstaccelerator.com/