Episode 5: Starting up GLO Airlines & Interview with the CEO

Part 2: Interview with the GLO CEO

Part 1: Starting Up GLO Airlines 

This is episode is in a different format then our first few because it's a 2 part series. In this series, we focused on what its like to start a new airline company in today's market from the perspective of the person who is doing just that. 

GLO Airlines is a startup regional airline that is not even a year old based in New Orleans, LA. It's founder and CEO, Trey Fayard, was an attorney who recognized the need to serve some markets that the big airlines have left behind. Over the past few months Trey has gone from his first flight (New Orleans to Shreveport, LA) to announcing their 6th market a few ago. 

Part 1 features the audio from a presentation Trey gave to the Loyola Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development’s Innovation Speaker Series. During the presentation, Trey talks about founding GLO, the state of current operations, and the trials and tribulations he's faced through an airline startup.

In Part 2,  we sit down with Trey and learn about his motivation for starting a regional airline and the journey he has been on over the past few years, including the time he didn't think he was ever going to take off. He also talks about challenges he never expected and why he's not worried about the big airlines putting him out of business.

Website Links:

GLO Airlines: www.flyglo.com/
GLO on Twitter: twitter.com/FlyGLO
Loyola's Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development: http://www.business.loyno.edu/center-entrepreneurship-and-community-development

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